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Industrial Inspections
Situational awareness keeps you running... Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) provide unparalleled access and versatility. These systems can safely and quickly access difficult or dangerous areas, drastically reducing or eliminating down time and improving maintenance efficiency. Ryan Electronics has three FAA licensed pilots on-staff and several aircraft/payload combinations so we can safely inspect, film, or shoot your site, and provide you with a deliverable exactly how you want it. Live camera feed controlled independently of the UAS by your engineer/inspector or by one of our professional pilots Separate airframes for inspections, aerial videography/photography, research, and training High-performance airframes that can handle up to 25 mph winds, high-elevation flying, and operate at 1,500 feet from the pilot. 3-axis, independently controlled camera gimbals 4K, zoom capable cameras FLIR thermal cameras
Technical Photography
An aerial perspective of space and time... It is important to think of SUAS less as an aircraft, rather more as a way to very quickly and precisely position a sensor in space. A huge benefit of this is repeatability. SUAS routes, speed, camera angle, and camera settings can all be programmed and precisely flown by autopilot control. This gives us the ability to exactly duplicate the flight in a week, month, year, or decade from now. By doing this we can get a very unique perspective: to see how things change over time.
Applications Construction Analysis - Mining Analysis - Personnel Training - Environmental Studies - Wildlife Tracking - Work-flow - Agriculture
Real Estate, Promotional, Action Sports Photography / Videography Several products come from aerial photography: Orthomosaics offer site planning and situational awareness. They can be geo-synced with ground-control points for 3D mapping. Before and after comparisons capture a key element of many projects: change over time.
Eye-catching angles, sweeping panoramas, and an exciting chase... Real estate professionals: Capture not only the exterior of a home, but the landscape and views around it. Build gorgeous, scene-specific, videos highlighting each individual site. Ryan Electronics' SUAS airframes can stay airborne for 10-15 minutes, allowing composition of numerous, well-planned shots. Include your company's logo or graphic for market recognition. Business owners and event planners: Boost your media presence with catchy aerial shots of your business, your products, or your work/event sites. Beat out your competition on the Internet and social media with full 4K resolution aerial video and photos. Take advantage of Ryan Electronics' experienced engineers and full-suite of post-processing software to get top-quality imagery. Live-stream video straight from the SUAS to your company's Facebook or other web-page. Include your company's logo or graphic for market recognition. Athletes and adventures: Always wanted that photographer to ski, ride, or drive alongside you? Ryan Electronics' SUAS is capable of nearly 40 mph flight speeds. All cameras are fully stabilized, producing smooth, steady video. Get photos and video that would never be available with conventional, ground-based cameras. Ryan Electronics' pilots have hours and hours of practice filming moving subjects. Access is no problem when the sky is the limit! So long as we can see the SUAS, we can film your line.
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