About Us Ever since grade school, Greg Ryan has been fascinated with two-way radios and the seemingly magical transmission of messages through the air. In 1984, he found himself operating the family ranch in a poor cattle market. After pocketing $5,000 for a year’s hard labor, he decided he needed additional income and saw an opportunity to use his passion for radios to start a new business. Serendipitously, while helping one neighbor build a cabin, another asked him to repair a Maxon radio. To repair radios, Greg was required to have an FCC License, so he embarked on the training required to become a Certified Electronics Technician as well as to get his Amateur Extra Ham License, which he did in short order. When a neighbor rancher called, interested in purchasing radios, Ryan Electronics, Inc. (REI) was established. Radio sales and repair were the foundation of the business, but Greg was interested in expanding the scope of services offered. To learn more about radio and communications technologies and business, he teamed up with John T. Roberts, III, who had decades of experience in the industry. Not only was he a mentor to Greg, but eventually became a partner on the Elk Mountain radio site that REI purchased. While servicing radios at the Sinclair Oil Refinery in 1994, two opportunities arose for REI: first, the chance to work on the Carbon County Sheriff's Office and Fire Department radios and second, the chance to obtain a Motorola dealership. The Motorola representative was very impressed with REI's work at the refinery and the possibility to improve radio communications in Carbon County. In 1997, Jim Johnson, an engineer with many years in the radio industry in Kansas City, helped Greg fully integrate all the components of his business. REI continued servicing the county and refinery radios, but also became involved with maintaining National Weather Service transmitters. REI also began purchasing additional radio sites that have proven useful in providing communications networks throughout Wyoming, especially in Carbon County. REI opened a radio shop in Rawlins in 2006, with full-time sales and service manager Yancey Allison. Yancey served as a satellite communications technician in the U.S. Army and has extensive phone and radio experience, having also worked 8 years at Qwest Communications. Yancey is an active ham radio operator. Will Ryan, a mechanical engineer with a background in equipment design and manufacture, along with many years of radio experience, joined REI in 2013. He directs work deployment, operates as Remote Pilot-in-Command for SUAS operations, works as a radio technician, and helps manages IT for REI. Galen Barr has been working with REI for more than 20 years. Galen is a field technician with extensive experience in site maintenance. Rob Streeter earned a Master's degree in electrical engineering and worked as a research engineer in the Air Force Academy's Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research for almost two years before joining REI in October of 2015. Rob uses his technical expertise and SUAS knowledge to run ground control operations for SUAS activities, work as a radio technician, and help manage IT for REI. Further office staff Jan Young and Stephanie Painter round out the team. For the past 32 years, Ryan Electronics has continued to provide local jobs and services to Carbon County, Wyoming, and the surrounding area. REI currently operates shops in both Saratoga and Rawlins and specializes in custom installations and maintenance of all types of radio and communications technology for government and private entities, including the Sinclair Refinery, National Weather Service, and local Sheriff's offices and fire departments. SUAS is a new direction for REI, but the level of service we can deliver is top-of-the-line. REI's future plans include expanding radio infrastructure by establishing a digital voice and data network to connect and modernize rural Wyoming, as well as furthering SUAS operations and pursuing emerging technologies and uses for SUAS.
Greg Ryan, Founder, President, and UAS Pilot
Will Ryan, Vice-president, Engineer and UAS Pilot
Rob Streeter, Engineer and UAS Pilot
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